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The Payday House loans are now available ONLINE!

The Payday House loans have been providing people with quick, and easy payday loans for years and we're now online! Looking for quick approvals for some fast cash advances? No problem! We've been working with payday lenders for a long time, securing the best interest rates and guaranteed approvals for ALL our US applicants. And we don't charge anything for the service. 100% free and privacy is guaranteed!

Since the downturn of the global economy, Payday loans have become more important than ever. We provide a free service to those that need some quick cash. It won't affect your credit (by repaying your loan, you actually BUILD credit), and if you have less than perfect credit - its okay. Just apply and we can find an appropriate lender for you, guaranteed! Things come up, emergencies, car wrecks, hospital bills, holiday shopping. It doesn't matter WHY you need the money, just that you need it quickly, right? Give The Payday House a try, and you won't be disappointed. We can usually get your loan funded the SAME DAY that you apply (sometimes within an hour!). How's that for quick service?

WHAT exactly are payday loans?

Payday loans are short-term loans designed to help people that have unexpected expenses. People use payday loans for all sorts of reasons, such as paying bills, hospital payments, auto bills, to get a gift for someone special, or just to get through to the next paydate.

In today's economy, its been rough on everyone. Wages are down, bills are up. Sometimes you just need a little extra money before your next paycheque, and that's where we come in! The Payday House can help you get the money you need, when you need it the most. Our experienced lenders have the highest approval rate in the market, and we work hard to keep the process as simple as possible. Just fill in the app, sign online, and wait for the money to be deposited directly in your own home! No hassle, guaranteed.



We charge no fee for the service we provide. We are not a direct lender. We match your application up with the best possible lender. There is no obligation from filling out our application.